Nirbhaya case: Prosecution tells court Tihar jail supplied all documents sought by convicts' lawyer

Singh had transferred through an application that the jail police were to offer the records that must submit the winner request Vinay (26) and therapeutic petitions for both Akshay (3 1 ) along with Pawan (twenty five ).

In addition, he declared that still another convict Pawan Singh's mind had been"split " at Mandoli prison and he had been changed into a healthcare facility however those records weren't given into this counselor far too.
"The whole procedure is always to overcome law.  We've got previously supplied each of the records.  We secured each of the records from all of the jails at which they moved " the counselor said.
Even the 23-year-old paramedic university student, known as Nirbhaya, was gangraped and viciously attacked around the night of December 16-17,'' 2012, at a shifting bus at south west Delhi by 6 folks until she had been trashed to your way.  She had been flown to a hospital at Singapore in which she expired.

"They (Tihar prison police ) state there's not any this listing.  Vinay has been dumb .  This is exactly the reason he had been delivered into hospital.  Vinay manufactured a few paintings relating to this and you would like to share with the President concerning that.  Moreover, that which he made from these paintings has to become knowledgeable," Singh explained.
Nirbhaya Instance: Prosecution Informs Courtroom Tihar Prison Provided all Records Hunted by convicts' Law Firm
The Supreme Court not long ago disregarded the curative petitions of additional two convicts -- Vinay and also Mukesh Singh (3 2 ).  Mukesh's winner request was reversed from the President before this past season.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police on Saturday told a Delhi court which the Tihar prison police have provided all of the relevant records hunted from the law firm of this passing row convicts from the 2012 Nirbhaya gang murder and rape instance.  The general public prosecutor, looking for authorities, advised Added Sessions decide Ajay Kumar Jain the convicts are embracing"delaying tactics".  A urge looking for all of those 4 death row convicts from case has transferred the courtroom Friday alleging the Tihar prison police weren't handing around certain records and also this had been inducing delay in submitting his or her asses and therapeutic petitions.

He said nevertheless he'd received any records Friday-Night by the prison authorities, Vinay's personalized journal and health care records have yet to be given.

The hanging out all is really to happen on February 1 ) am, as stated by the court arrangement.

"All these are all we now have.  In case the court directs, '' we could hand over to this convicts at the moment," the counselor said.

The records regarding the 3rd residency Akshay Kumar Singh's wellness proved likewise maybe not provided and so were demanded to document his curative and mercy petitions, '' the attorney stated.

Then produced ahead of the courtroom that the journal of a few of those convicts,'' Vinay Kumar Sharma, he had termed'Darinda', and lots of paintings along with also other records.

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