IIT-Madras student suicide case: Father says Shah has assured him of CBI probe

 Even the 19-year-old, that was simply chasing her first hand under-graduation at humanities, supposedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan.
Primary Minister Narendra Modi and also Shah have promised the MPs that the CBI will inquire into the suicide instance, '' he also said.  The lady's mother and father thanked Modi and also Shah for reassuring them using the CBI probe into the episode.

Abdul Latheef'd alleged at Chennai instantaneously soon after his daughter's passing he had proof to establish Fathima had been harassed by a few professors within her section of Humanities and Social Sciences.
IIT Madras student Passing Instance: Father Claims Shah has Ensured him of CBI probe

The dad of the 19-year-old female, who supposedly committed suicide in IIT Madras, explained he met with Union household Minster Amit Shah on Thursday and has been told the the CBI is going to be requested to inquire into the situation. 

Abdul Latheef along with also his spouse Sajitha fulfilled Shah Around the Parliament's assumptions on Thursday and a delegation of MPs in Kerala.  Talking with colleagues, Abdul Latheef claimed Shah instructed me the analysis could be run by means of a girl CBI officer of their inspector overall amount.

He even wanted a fair stunt because he had been concerned her mobile could possibly be tampered with.  Your household observed Fathima's suicide notes onto her cellular cell phone.  She'd supposedly appointed academics out of her section at the notes she wrote until her departure within her cellular cell phone.

Kerala MP N K Premachandran, that headed the delegation, maintained the Shah additionally belonged for those which the research could check in the dilemma of emotional harassment and strain to college students by IITs as well as also other similar instructional associations.

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